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How we can help

A domain name is how people find you online and access your website. If you don’t have a domain name (URL) yet, we can provide you a starter domain name utilizing the firearm domains we own. Upon completion, your website will be tailored to your business.

As an example, using the base domain name of ‘thefirearms.pro’, you can create your own domain name such as ‘bob.thefirearms.pro’. Using ‘the base domain of ‘gunsupply.pro’ you can create the website name of ‘springfield.gunsupply.pro’. Some of the base names may be geared towards e-commerce websites while others may be used for gunsmiths, but the choice of the base domain name is up to you.

All of our base domain names are listed below and we are always adding more. If you’re industry isn’t listed, we can do the research and provide you a base name to get you started.

Micro Business Definitions

Criteria for our micro business plans

Micro Businesses - Non E-Commerce

We define a micro business website based on the following criteria. 

  • Does not sell services or products online. Prices can be listed but not able to accept online payments.
  • Limited to Home page, Contact page, and an About Us page
  • Should not have more than 10 pictures

Micro Businesses - E-Commerce

We define a micro business e-commerce website based on the following criteria. 

  • Sells no more than 5 services or products online. Online payments can be accepted
  • Limited to Home page, Contact page, Privacy Policy page and an About page
  • Must also have the minimum pages required for online payment processing: Return Policy, Purchasing Firearms Online Purchasing Ammunition Online
  • Should not have more than 10 pictures

Starter Website Names

Easily tailored to get you started



Firearms Training

Shooting Ranges

Helpful Examples

Some additional examples

  • john.thegun.pro
  • springfield.gunrepair.pro


  • john.thegunsmith.shop
  • springfield.gunsupply.pro
  • johns.learn2shoot.academy
  • springfield.pistoltraing.pro
  • aces.shootingclub.pro
  • springfield.rifleclub.net

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